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Pope Francis urged people worldwide to prioritise caring for the environment, asserting that it is our responsibility as Christians to protect God’s creations. As Christians, we are called upon by the Church to learn and put into practice the principles of earth care and to take action in accordance with Christ’s teachings in caring for the environment. Therefore, we have a unique responsibility to be stewards of God’s Creation and to pray for the welfare of this planet.

To draw attention to the irresponsible actions of humanity towards the environment, Pope Francis has established the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation on September 1st. It is our duty to make a collaborative effort to address environmental issues, particularly in the areas of water, energy consumption and food. We can achieve greater ecological harmony with all living creatures when we preserve the beauty of creation.

We are responsible as caretakers of God’s creation to conserve and protect our planet, avoiding waste and abuse. How can we reduce environmental destruction and protect ecosystems for future generations? Here are some tips:

a) Reduce waste and pollution and lessen global warming by separating recyclable items such as cans, cartons, paper, and plastic bottles at designated recycling centres instead of burning garbage.

b) Use water wisely - take shorter showers, wash dishes by hand instead of using a dishwasher, and fix any leaks in your home.

c) Do not litter or pour chemicals into drains. Dispose of chemical waste responsibly to prevent pollution.

d) Conserve electricity by turning off lights, televisions and air-conditioners when not in use and purchase energy-efficient appliances.

e) Use reusable bags and containers when shopping for clothes, books or food. This reduces plastic waste and pollution and saves money!

f) Prepare only the amount of food that you will eat, to avoid wastage.

g) Reduce our usage of plastic products; for instance, reusable water bottles instead of disposable ones.

h) Stop receiving unwanted catalogues, flyers or posters.

i) Minimise paper usage by printing only when necessary and recycling paper after using it.

j) Grow your own vegetables or plant more trees in your own backyard, if feasible.

k) Use alternative modes of transportation such as public transportation, carpooling, walking, or biking instead of driving alone. Avoid driving short distances; carpool to Mass instead of driving separately.

l) It is crucial to teach children to reuse and recycle products.

Let’s do our part in conserving the environment to protect the future of our planet. Our efforts don’t have to be on a grand scale. Every small sacrifice, every small change in attitude towards improving our planet, can make a significant impact. You can make a positive change in your daily lifestyle and contribute to the well-being of our home, Mother Earth. Let us all work together as a community to make the effort to reduce, reuse and recycle our waste.

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