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The Fourth Sunday of Easter is celebrated as Vocations Sunday or Good Shepherd Sunday, and it is also observed as the World Day of Prayer for Vocations. This day invites us to reflect on Jesus’ words, where He instructs us to pray that “the Lord of the harvest sends labourers into His harvest” (Luke 10:2; Matthew 9:37).


Therefore, the Church invites us to pray for young people’s response to God’s call for all vocations - married life, consecrated life, chaste single life, or Holy Orders (Priesthood and Diaconate). We pray earnestly that young people may listen to God’s voice, discern their vocation, and respond to His invitation to work in His vineyard.

Engaging in our interests, hobbies, activities and professions can lead to a shift in our perspective on life. When we carry out our responsibilities with a deep sense of respect and reverence, we realise that our unique gifts, skills and talents flourish - enriching and benefiting those around us. We can achieve this by discovering our unique calling and how it fits with the different gifts bestowed upon us by the Spirit. This enables us to show our dedication to something greater than ourselves. Our choices become a response to God’s call for each individual to live a life of holiness.

Prayer is an incredibly powerful activity that can help promote and nurture vocations. We should aim to do it every day. The World Day of Prayer for Vocations is a synodal character that encourages us to listen to each other’s spiritual gifts and talents and walk together in the direction where the Spirit is leading us, for the benefit of all. When we pray, listening to God is more important than talking to Him. He speaks to our hearts, and we need to make sure that our hearts are always open, sincere and generous.

Our Parish of St. Thomas in Kuantan has yet to produce a priest, and we believe it is time to pray for the young people in our community to pursue the priesthood. We need to encourage our youth to come forward and serve God as priests. Every family in our Parish hopes to inspire our sons and grandsons to respond to God’s call, and understand the beauty of the priesthood. Let’s connect with the young people in our community better, stir their hearts with a desire to serve God, and encourage them to say “Yes” to a priestly vocation. Additionally, we also should pray for our brother priests and bishops for their strength, courage, faithfulness and growth in holiness.


Life presents countless opportunities, but only those who take action and commit themselves to God’s will achieve true fulfilment and happiness. Don’t let fear or uncertainty hold you back. Have faith in yourself and your abilities, and make a pledge to pursue God’s dreams. Although the journey may be challenging, with determination and perseverance, you will ultimately succeed. Take a leap of faith and have the courage to commit!

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