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The Health Ministry has reported over 20,000 active COVID-19 cases as of 11 December 2023. With the spike in the number of Covid-19 cases recently, it is important for the public to practice self-care measures, such as following personal hygiene, wearing a face mask in public areas, washing hands, and using sanitisers regularly. It is crucial for individuals to realise that it is time to act before the government implements guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).


Although COVID-19 cases are on the rise, this doesn’t mean that the Church will be limiting the seating capacity, implementing a requirement to wear masks, pre-registering, limiting the number of hymns, etc. However, if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, we kindly ask that you wear a mask when attending Mass, even if masking is not mandatory. This will help prevent the spread of the virus, especially to those with a weakened immune system. If you have already contracted COVID-19, we advise you not to attend Masses. We must prioritise the safety of our senior citizens, who are more vulnerable to the virus. Together, we can keep our community safe and healthy.

The weather forecast for the East Coast indicates that it will rain continuously for the next few days. Most days this week, the sky was cloudy, and when it did rain, the heavy downpours reduced the heat and humidity, resulting in cooler nights. Although this respite from the heat is somewhat pleasant, there is also a concern that the heavy rains could lead to flooding in Kuantan and the rest of the East Coast.


Last year, we formed the Parish Flood Relief Task Force (PFRTF) to prepare for any possibility of floods in Kuantan and its surrounding areas. Should the forecast trigger flood incidents, the task force comes together and works as a team. The PFRTF is responsible for providing information on the current and predicted weather situations - continuously monitoring the weather conditions, and issuing warnings to the committee members through our WhatsApp group.


We have arrived at the third Sunday of Advent, Gaudete Sunday, to express the joy of anticipation for Christmas. While we may be busy with holiday preparations and celebrations, it’s important to bear in mind that COVID-19 infections continue to spread, and there is also a risk of flooding in the East Coast due to the monsoon rains. Therefore, let’s work together to keep our community safe and healthy by adhering to the protocols and taking all the necessary precautions to slow the spread of infections. It is important not only to offer prayers but also to reach out and assist flood victims in any way possible.


Since the beginning of the Advent season, we have been reminded to be watchful and remain constantly awake for the coming of Our Lord Jesus. It is a time to deepen our faith and live in His presence, regardless of what is happening around us. With a heart filled with love, we transform every moment into something precious and meaningful, as we wait in joyful anticipation.

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