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Our Parish community will come together in three weeks’ time, to observe the Novenas and Feast Day of our Parish Patron - St Thomas, the Apostle. The celebrations will begin on Monday, 1 July 2024 and conclude on Sunday, 7 July 2024. Planning for this celebration is already underway, led by a dedicated committee members.


Leading up to our Patron Saint’s celebration, we will be hosting a special Vigil Mass, Holy Hour, Vespers, Silent Adoration and Benediction on the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, the Apostles (Friday, 28 June). We warmly invite all Parishioners to set aside some time on this day in the evening to participate in these spiritual events. Your active presence will make the celebrations even more meaningful, and will contribute to strengthening the bonds within our community.

St. Thomas, the Apostle has been a beacon of inspiration for our parish community. With his unwavering faith, our Patron Saint tirelessly intercedes for us, urging us to deepen our faith in Christ Jesus. He has been journeying with us for 118 years, since our Church was established in Kuantan in 1906. Despite encountering countless hindrances, obstacles and resistance, many have experienced a profound and life-affirming transformation in their belief in Christ. Let us draw inspiration from his example, and strive to deepen our faith during these celebrations, knowing that it can and will, transform our lives.


We are immensely grateful for your continued involvement and commitment to our community. With a revitalised spirit, we invite the Holy Spirit to guide and inspire our efforts. As we prepare for the upcoming Novenas and Feast of St. Thomas, we hope to actively cultivate and impart our faith to the younger generation. Our aim is to empower them to embrace and thrive, whilst proclaiming and living out their faith in Christ, ensuring a bright future for our community.


This year, our committee members have decided to host a two-kilometre procession through the city. We will ensure that the necessary permission is obtained from the authorities to make this event a reality. The BECs are fully committed to preparing refreshments for all who attend the Feast Day Novenas and Masses.


Let us unite and lift our prayers as a family and Parish, seeking blessings for the celebrations. It’s a beautiful way for our community to foster a deep sense of togetherness and seek the support of our Patron Saint. We are all part of this journey, and our shared responsibility and collective faith strengthen our community.


May the intercession of our beloved St. Thomas bring comfort, guidance and protection to everyone in this community, and help us discover a deep sense of belonging.

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