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Updated: Mar 5, 2022

It’s been over a month now since I moved to Kuantan, and it certainly has been a hectic time for me. Just like the weather - which has been rainy (with continuous downpour for days), sunny, windy and humid - my days here have been filled with various tasks and activities which have kept me busy.

Our Parish leaders have been gearing up, planning several formations, events and activities for the first quarter of 2022. However, we have to put those plans on hold due to the spike in Covid-19 cases. In the meantime, the Parish Integral Human Development (PIHDM) of St Thomas, the Apostle, had received 200 mattresses and 200 pillows which the PIHDM members distributed to some of the flood victims in Gambang, Pekan, Muadzam Shah and Tasik Chini. These areas were badly affected by the floods which devastated the state last December.

Despite a majority of Malaysians are fully vaccinated, we are currently experiencing some of the highest number of daily cases reported since the start of this pandemic. A couple of weeks ago, the numbers were cited at a little over 2000 cases a day, but now we’re looking at over 27,000 daily cases, which is alarming! The daily newspapers have indicated a 160% rise in the number of infections in the last 2 weeks, especially among children below 12 years old. We can’t help but ask ourselves - how long will we have to face these challenges? Will we have a more committed, accountable and transparent government? Where is our life heading towards now?

In this past two years, Covid-19 has affected many lives, caused economic instability and joblessness and pushed many into poverty. People are trying their best to find alternate ways to make ends meet and slowly recover from this pandemic. Many experts and medical personnel have warned that the infection rate may rise, even double or triple the present total numbers of cases. The prolonged pandemic has affected us emotionally, physically, mentally, psychologically and spiritually. Everyone is worried. Life is scary. We are hoping and praying that the Covid-19 vaccine will protect us from getting sick, but nevertheless, we must face this reality and move on with our lives with the virus living among us. Every one of us must be responsible and pay heed to the SOPs to safeguard ourselves, our family and our community.

Our God stands as a sign of hope and He will save us from all these difficulties, sufferings and turmoil. We may attain an answer in due time, but until then, let us continue to fix our eyes on God and be connected with one another. “Our endurance brings acceptance, acceptance brings hope and hope doesn’t disappoint us, for God has poured His love and mercy into our hearts,” (cf. Rom 5: 3-5).

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