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Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Since I moved into this Parish, many Parishioners and friends have asked me if I have settled down. It can be a challenge, settling down and finding routine when adjusting to a new environment. It depends on the individual - how quickly one can find a way to settle in after moving to a new place.

In the midst of unpacking - taking things out of boxes, arranging them accordingly, cleaning and organising my parish house and office - I have taken some time off to visit a few of the elderly in their homes. It has been almost 17 years since I’ve seen many of them.

Many have aged, and a number too have deteriorated health wise and are physically weak. They look so fragile, anxious and are unable to express themselves in words, and can only hold back their tears.

As a sign of hope, I administered the Sacraments of Reconciliation, the Holy Eucharist and the Anointing of the Sick. I spent a little time chit-chatting with them and their families, hoping to provide some much-needed company. I have promised to visit them again and will be sure to assign extra Holy Communion Ministers to regularly bring Jesus to them through Holy Communion. I will continue to make my house visits in the weeks to come, as I am looking forward to meeting my Parishioners, but I will be sure to strictly adhere to the prevailing SOPs.

This weekend (29-30 January) we will be celebrating Catechetical Sunday with the theme: “A

Path to Holiness,” (1 Cor 12: 2) as chosen by the Malaysian Catechetical Commission (MCC). We will invite parents and catechism teachers to renew their commitment to faith education during Sunday Masses in English (8:30am) and Mandarin (10:30am).

All catechism teachers and parents will be renewing their commitment as catechists of transmitting their faith onto their children. As they renew their commitment, they need to understand their crucial role of sharing their faith in Christ and His Church. The teachers will be commissioned by the Church to take their responsibilities of sharing the faith with our younger generation with passion and dedication. However, parents and guardians are the primary catechist of their children, and they will be invited to proclaim their commitment of passing their faith and Gospel values on Catechetical Sunday too. It has been a tough time for both teachers and students to fully participate in online classes, as it is not the most effective way of imparting faith education. However, due to strict SOPs, and taking into account health risks, classes this year will continue to be held online instead of in-person.

We appreciate all our catechists for their dedication and in giving their time and talent generously. We give all our support, encouragement and most of all our prayers so that they

may provide effective learning to our students, as they begin their faith education formation for the year 2022. Together, let us grow and glow in our Christian way of life.

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