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Father’s Day has been observed globally on the third Sunday of June every year since June 1910. It is a day dedicated to honouring and cherishing fatherhood and acknowledging the significant role played by fathers in inspiring, guiding, and supporting us throughout our lives. This day is designated to educate children about the numerous sacrifices father’s make and their unwavering compassion. Additionally, it highlights their greatness and the exceptional qualities and significant impact of fathers in society, who are often underappreciated heroes within each family unit.

Many people post photos with their fathers on social media on Father’s Day. We are glad to have a special day to honour and celebrate our appreciation and respect for our fathers, who provide for our needs, despite the fact that we truly appreciate and respect them all the days of our lives. We thank our fathers (and mothers) for everything they do and have done for us — their sacrifices, providing for our needs, and everything they do for our well-being. Some may take the opportunity to express their gratitude to their fathers by doing something special, like cooking a special meal for them, taking them out to a special restaurant, or getting them precious gifts to make their day special.


Naturally, fathers symbolise strength, serving as the foundation upon which a home is constructed. They stand firm in the face of adversity, often finding it challenging to express openly their emotions, but their dedication and hard work demonstrate their commitment to their families. Fathers are mysterious figures, and we may find it difficult to understand them. They may seem tough, but they have tender hearts. They may go through an emotional roller coaster from the moment their child is born. They may not show pain when hurt but become quiet when they see their little ones fall or face adversity. They can endure hardship and bravely face any crisis to ensure their children’s happiness.

A mother's love is often talked about, but we must not overlook the irreplaceable presence of our fathers. Their strength and support are undeniable. We should acknowledge their caring hearts and their impact on our lives. Despite painful memories, honouring and celebrating their role in our lives is essential.


In February 2003, I was ordained as a Spiritual Father. On Father’s Day of the same year, I wished my friend a Happy Father’s Day. His response was, “You too deserve to be called Father.” While I personally don’t feel deserving of the title “Father,” I am grateful to Jesus each year for entrusting me with the gift of Spiritual Fatherhood. Throughout my priestly journey, I have drawn immense inspiration from the unwavering dedication and virtuous examples set by my own late father and numerous Spiritual Fathers, both living and those who have gone to their rest. Their legacy of love and commitment continues to fuel my own Spiritual Fatherhood.

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful, loving, and devoted fathers and Spiritual Fathers! May you continue to ensure peace, love, and unwavering dedication to your families and your parishes.

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