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We commemorated and celebrated Malaysia’s 65th Merdeka on 31 August 2022 with the theme “Keluarga Malaysia Teguh Bersama” (The Malaysian Family is Stronger Together). This is the theme for both National Day and Malaysia Day which is celebrated on 16 September. We have witnessed the public celebrations, exhibitions and parades and it is time to thank all Malaysians who have contributed and dedicated their lives to the growth of our nation over the past 65 years, despite all the challenges. Our blood, sweat, tears, effort, dedication and hard work is a big factor on how we, as a nation, have come thus far.

After two years of being unable to celebrate our National Day due to the pandemic, we have come together as a Keluarga Malaysia to celebrate with pride, as we gradually progress together. As citizens of Malaysia, we expressed patriotism towards our country by raising the Malaysian and respective state flags in our Churches, institutions, buildings, offices, malls, homes, vehicles and along the streets.

Initially, when Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri Yaakob was elected as the 9th Prime Minister of Malaysia, I was a little skeptical. Now, after a year of his administration, I acknowledge his leadership and his concept of seeing us as a family. He cannot be a perfect or ideal PM, but I hope he will do his level best to develop our nation with a sense of unity and inclusiveness for all Malaysians.

We have many political parties springing up like mushrooms after the rain since the last General Election (GE), each with their own interests and manifestos, and lately, a few parties have been pressuring the PM to announce a date for GE15. Every party seems to be actively gearing up with a ferocious fighting spirit for the next election. I pray that whatever the outcome, leaders are elected in a fair and just manner, for their ability to lead with dignity and grace.

Certain groups, supporters and individuals were really affected emotionally for whatsoever reason, after a former Prime Minister was sentenced to jail on 23 August 2022. However, the vast majority of the people are happy and relieved with the Federal Court’s decision. From September onwards, we hope to hear the news that a few other persons would be charged in court. Let our prayers and best wishes be for Chief Justice (CJ), Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat and other judges to ensure the law is enforced in order put an end to all forms of corruption, tricks and tactics.

We have been liberated from the kleptocratic government but we are still facing a lot of corruption, distressing events, political instability and economic deterioration throughout the country. After observing some progress in economic growth in the second half of the year 2022 in our country, I have some admiration for our PM and CJ.

The rakyat are looking to them for a sense of justice, patriotism, togetherness and affection for the nation. Keluarga Malaysia is looking forward to having more achievements in the country, led by honest and hardworking leaders whose main goal is to prosper our nation through unity, transparency and morality. Many wishes and many congratulations to all Malaysians!

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