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Awaited Prime Minister (PM) Of Malaysia!

It was a very happy moment indeed for all Malaysians when the appointment of our 10th Prime Minister was announced.

After waiting for almost five days after the Elections, on 24 November 2022, His Majesty YDPA Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah, officially announced the decision to appoint the 10th. Prime Minister of Malaysia - Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim. His Majesty entrusted him with the mandate to form a Unity Government (Kerajaan Perpaduan) – an inclusive government.

The word “perpaduan” isn’t a new term for us, as it has been frequently used in the Malaysian context for years (especially during our school days) and promoted by most of the political leaders in the past. However, over the years it seemed as though division and diversion in many areas, aspects and sectors in our nation was prevalent instead.

Once again, this term echoed when the YDPA decreed to form a “Kerajaan Perpaduan” which is a concept new in our history. A few coalition parties emerged during the GE15, each with their own manifestos. It is going to be a big challenge for our new PM to bring all the coalition parties together, to work collaboratively in order to form a brand-new unity government, and ensure unity in this multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religious country.

Although previous governments and authorities have governed our nation carelessly, God has now blessed us with a new Prime Minister - a veteran in politics and a reformist - giving hope to our people and our nation. Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim was not only voted by the “rakyat” but also selected by the YDPA and all the Malay Rulers. They have confidence entrusting him to lead of our nation.

We hope that PM10 will carry out his manifesto with integrity, by bringing unity in diversity and embracing all our differences. With all his capabilities, hardships and experiences over these past years, we pray that he will bring stability amidst political turmoil and enhance the economical growth of our beloved nation. We pray that the Lord gives him the enthusiasm and strength to go on in his mission – to form a caring, clean and stable government for all Malaysians, and not just a select few.

Awaiting A Lovely Advent Season!

Advent is a season of grace and a season of reconciliation. The word advent comes from the Latin root, “adventus” which means “coming” – the coming of Christ at Christmas and His Second Coming. A better word to express Advent is expectation and anticipation of the coming of Christ – the Emmanuel – God is with us, who has never left us abandoned, but lives among His people.

During this first Sunday of Advent, let us work towards preparing our hearts and homes for the coming of Christ at Christmas. The hustle and bustle of the holidays are all right, the shopping for gifts and family gatherings are great too! However, let’s keep in mind that this season is not merely a season for decorating, feasting, shopping, parties and holidays, but instead, is a season to pay attention to our relationship with God and with one another.

Whether we face loneliness, financial or job stress, grief, or illnesses, let us celebrate this Advent enthusiastically and prayerfully, so that God will give us the courage, faith, hope and love in all our commitments.

Blessed Advent, everyone!

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