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Our Parish Pastoral Assembly (PPA) was held on Saturday, 25 November 2023. This was an important assembly, where we reviewed our one-year journey and plan before the end of the liturgical calendar 2022/2023. The assembly brought together members of our Parish community, including the PPC and PCC councils, BEC leaders, ministry heads and core team leaders. Approximately 50 people attended the three-hour fruitful assembly.

Over the past year, we have deepened our fraternal spirit and strengthened our Parish community through various formations, activities, and events. We embarked on a synodal journey with humility - listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit and discerning every moment of our lives, so that we may live Christian values of love, courage, respect, endurance, compassion, charity, and peace. As St. Paul said, “Keep doing everything you learnt from me and were told by me and have heard or seen me doing. Then the God of peace will be with you,” (Phil 4:9). We worked together as a community and put together our thoughts, words and actions in order to build a faithful community.

At this PPA, we resolved to renew, review, restore and rebuild ourselves spiritually, especially in areas that we may have previously lacked. Our goal is to continue journeying together as true companions - through participation, communion and mission. We believe that we can strengthen our faith community by rooting ourselves in the Word of God, faith in the Catholic Church and increasing our values in family and community living. We are committed to being gifts that inspire the building of our Church together, spiritually.

God is persistent and never gives up on us. He continuously draws us closer to Him, and all we need to do is respond in obedience, even if it is a delayed response. Seeking God’s direction and prayerfully doing what He is calling us to do is important, and we should strive to do it well. We understand that we cannot do everything on our own – that is why it is crucial to seek God’s will, to find direction and purpose in our lives.

As we begin the new liturgical year of 2023/24, may the Holy Spirit continue to guide us through our planning process, so that everything we do now and in the future, is a continued contribution of our gifts and talents to the greater glory of God and for the salvation of our souls. We look forward to the future growth of our Parish, with vision and mission.

Vision: Being A Community Rooted in the Word, Faith and Values.

Mission: As a spirit-filled community, we commit ourselves through proclaiming the Gospel, celebrating Jesus in the Word and Sacraments, and living the Christian values in prayers, services and outreach.

May our patron Saint Thomas the Apostle, intercede for us, and the Blessed Virgin Mary accompany us in living our lives obediently and faithfully.

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